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Dreamwod is the only app you need to keep track of your training and engage with your box community.
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Keep track of your training

Dreamwod app is an all-in-one workout app. In its "whiteboard" module, you can see the upcoming workouts and what your friends are up to. You can keep track of your training and compete against others in the workout of the day.

Follow your progress

Track your progress over time and chase those new PRs. Do you need more cardio or OLY? With Dreamwod you will know.

Socialize with friends

See what you friends are up to, are they slacking or hitting a new PR? Is it time for a new workout challenge?

Athletes usually go crazy for these four


Prepare before the workout or look at the week ahead.

Track progress

Look at your progress and prepare for your next PR!


Follow your friends and check out what they are doing.


Compete with other athletes in the workout of the day.

For gym owners

Tired of an expensive workout management system that had its best days 10 years ago? So are we.

Our vision is to build the best workout management system where you can focus all of your time on your gym and less on all the things around it.

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The Highlights

Features Overview

Upload programming

Upload your programming in one or several tracks and let your members deep dive into the workouts.

Showcase your gym

Visually elegant, and available on iOS and Android. Showcase your gym with pictures or present your coaches.

Notifications and comments

Get your community to bubble with push notifications and comments on workouts.

Fluent workout migration

We support migration of tracks, workouts and athletes scores from existing vendors like SugarWod.  

Increase quality

Prepare notes and tips for your coaches and let them read it before the workout.

Daily scoreboard

Scoreboard on all daily workouts and the lifts and workouts that your gym tracks.


Wanna know more?

Frequently asked questions

Get quick help with the frequently asked questions. Don't find what you are looking for? Send us an email and we sort it out!

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Feature and price comparison

How are we different from other workout solutions? Have a look and compare for yourself.

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Hate complicated price models? We have one price plan for everyone. All features included, unlimited users and no per user fees.



Hate premium apps? We do too. Dreamwod is 100% free. All features included.

Track your progress

Prepare for your next workout

Import old workouts

All features included

Programming partner?

We are looking for partners to collaborate with!

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