Programming partner

Do you already sell programming or are you thinking about it? We are looking for partners that would be interested to use Dreamwod as their platform for subscriptions, member management and workout planning.

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Global platform

Upload your programming in one or several tracks and let your clients have easy access to all the workouts.

Simplify onboarding

Let your clients sign up in a couple of minutes. No need for invitations or to integrate payments on your own website.

Low transaction fees

We are using Stripe for subscription management and payments. Stripes transaction fees are lower than Paypal.

Build community

Build community with athletes following your programming. Let them track their progress and see what others are doing.

Customize subscriptions

Do you want your customers to have a free trial week or discount when signing with a friend? No problem.

Rating & reviews

Users can rate and give a review on programmings they follow.